Character Development

So, I was watching some of my favorite music videos on YouTube this morning before work, and I came across Dan and Shay’s How Not To. I had seen it before and instantly thought that the actor who plays Noah(he also played Thomas on The Bold and The Beautiful if there are any soap fans out there) could easily be Jake.

Now, when I first started writing this story about twenty-some odd years ago, I had a different opinion. I wrote Jake with Matthew McConaughey in mind. Matthew has since upgraded to the role of Kevin in my mind (with John Schneider a very close second). Adrian I’m still having a hard time picturing a particular actress, but I could totally see Julia Roberts as Laura.

What do you think? If you’ve read the novel already share your opinion with me. Who did you see in these roles when you were reading?

I also have a thought as to who should be Cassie’s mother in the sequel, Having Faith.

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