Reviews for The Last Photograph


By Queen of Ice on September 14, 2017: Love heals. Great, uplifting read. Takes you from sad to glad with a little steaminess on the side. Interesting exploration of our life beyond. (Purchased on Kindle Format)

By JustJNL on October 21, 2017: Read this one for SURE. You just have to read this…it is so well written…you won’t want to put it down. (Purchased Paperback on Amazon)  

By Cherie on November 4, 2017: Fresh, funny and Fabulous! This new author’s first novel is a must read. She writes in a way that makes you feel as if you personally know the characters, which makes it impossible to put down. From the first to the last page, it will touch your heart and leave you wanting more! Absolutely cannot wait for the next book! (Purchased Paperback on Amazon)

By Kindle Customer on May 3, 2018: Fantastic. I read it on one night and went to work on two hours sleep, so worth it! This story will stay with me for awhile, like Tuesdays With Morrie or The Old Man & The Sea did. I look forward to reading many more books from Anne Miller. (Purchased on Kindle Format)

By Gary Burk on October 13, 2017: I could not put this book down; very riveting…   I could not put the book down; very riveting with all the twists and turns; made me think about things in real life; can’t wait for her next book.

By Larry S. Buege on October 5, 2019: Anne Miller is an emerging new author we need to watch. The Last Photograph will probably appeal more to women. It is a well-written love story (not a Harlequin romance) that tugs on your emotions. It features true love, jealousy, forgiveness, and letting go. The two paranormal characters add an intriguing element to the plot. True confession: I am a guy—I liked it. (Purchased on Kindle format)

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