Website Introduction

Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to the new, improved website of the Wisconsin-born, Yooper-bred, author everyone will soon be talking about!

Allow me to explain my passion project: My debut love story/family drama entitled, The Last Photograph.

The Last Photograph is about Adrian and Jake Riley’s unique love story; a story that goes beyond death doing them part. Or does it?

It is a story of learning how to let go of the people we love, and learning how to let go of the beliefs that have been instilled in us from the moment we’re born, but we never think to question.

Jake was raised by his father, Kevin to believe that “real men”, Riley men, never show their emotions. They need to stay strong for everyone else around them in times of trouble. The question becomes: what happens when tragedy strikes Jake? Will he allow himself to be vulnerable, or will he continue to live up to his father’s expectations?

The only way to discover the answers is to purchase a copy today for only $20! Autographed copies also available directly through me. Just contact me and I will ship copies anywhere in the United States!

Looking forward to meeting all my new fans!